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Foxconn is a Tawainese electronics company that recently signed an agreement to open a new manufacturing facility in the US state of Wisconsin.  It produces most of the iPhones in the world from its factory in China and has long been a source of controversy.  There was a rash of suicides at the factory because of the harsh working conditions, with many of the people committing suicide by jumping off the roof of the factory.  Foxconn’s first response to those suicides was to place nets around the roofs.  Wisconsin beat out six other US states for the factory, and provided huge financial incentives to the company to locate in the state.  The cost to Wisconsin for the tax incentives?  $237,500 per job.

The US House of Representatives has passed a military spending bill amounting to $658.1 billion.  The bill also includes $1.6 billion for beginning construction on a border wall between the US and Mexico.  In 2016 the Rand Corporation found that the total health-related costs for transgender soldiers in the US was between $2.4 million and $8.4 million.  By comparison, the Navy version of their newest fighter plane–the F-35–costs about $337 million for each plane.

World Military Spending 2016

Overview of world military sending in 2016

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