5 March 2017

Yale University has released its analysis of US public opinion on the issue of climate change.  The study includes an interactive map which allows one to see the public opinion within specific states and specific counties within those states.  The poll indicates that 70% of American citizens believe that climate change is occurring and 53% believe that global warming is a result of human activity.  Interestingly, only 40% believe that global warming will “harm me personally”.  For those interested, Yale will allow people to download the data use to compile the results.

Somalia is experiencing a serious drought which has placed about half of its population at severe risk of food deprivation.  In one region of the country, 110 people died of starvation over a two-day period.  The drought has forced many to migrate to the capital, Mogadishu, in hopes of finding food aid, and the UN has issued an appeal for food assistance.  The country has long struggled with an insurgency led by the radical group, al Shabab, which has severely limited the government’s effectiveness.

Photo from al Jazeera

This blog refers to the “liberal world order” a great deal.  The phrase is imprecise, but it is intended to describe the Post World War II international order dominated by the US and structured about multilateral institutions such as the UN and the IMF.  The phrase also obscures a great deal of disorder that was pervasive throughout the entire period, a point nicely made by a member of the European Council on Foreign Relations, Mark Leonard. 

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