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Many in Europe are strongly opposed to the sanctions bill that the US Congress is close to passing which would impose additional sanctions on Russia (as well as Iran and North Korea) for its interference in the 2016 US elections and for its continued intervention in Ukraine.  The Europeans are especially concerned by the penalties imposed on any group that works with the Russian energy sector, including the building of a natural gas pipeline.  Much of Europe, particularly Germany, is dependent on natural gas from Russia.

Proposed Nordstrom 2 Pipeline

The US Treasury announced new sanctions against Venezuela for its continuing violations of human and democratic rights under the Maduro Administration.  The sanctions are part of a concerted effort by a number of states to persuade Maduro not to hold an election this coming Sunday for a Constituent Assembly to rewrite the Venezuelan constitution.  There have been 4 months of violent protests against the policies of Maduro and few believe that the election on Sunday will create an assembly that fairly represents the interests of the Venezuelan people.

From Today’s Protests in Venezuela

The Taliban has seized the Afghan provinces of Paktia, Faryab and Ghor from government control.  The Taliban have made steady gains against the central government in Kabul, raising powerful questions about the long-term strategy of the US in the country.  The US invaded Afghanistan in October 2001 and after 16 years of war, the Taliban control at least 40% of the country.  At what point does the US concede that the military strategy has not worked?

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