28 April 2017   2 comments

The US is deploying troops along the Syrian-Turkish border.  The move comes a few days after a Turkish air strike killed about 20 Kurdish fighters in an attack that signals increasing Turkish concerns about the Kurdish interest in establishing a Kurdish state.  The US troops will serve as a buffer between Turkish and Kurdish forces, but the deployment also suggests that the US is becoming more involved in the fighting against Daesh (the Islamic State).

There was a general strike in Brazil as millions took to the streets to protest the austerity policies of the government of Michel Temer.  The government, which has been wracked by corruption scandals since the impeachment of former President Rousseff, has tried to make changes in labor laws and pension plans that many Brazilians believe are unfair and unwarranted.  The strike was the first general strike in Brazil since 1996 and affected 26 Brazilian states.

Scene in Brasilia on Friday morning

A protester guards a road block in Brasilia


The European Union recently conducted a poll:  “Around 580,000 respondents in 35 countries were asked the question: Would you actively participate in large-scale uprising against the generation in power if it happened in the next days or months? More than half of 18- to 34-year-olds said yes.”  What is very interesting about the poll is that it was taken in the context of a clear decline in voting by that same age cohort. It appears as if democracy no longer seems viable to many young people.

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2 responses to “28 April 2017

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  1. Do you think that respondents wanting to be in a large scale uprising means that they don’t like or care about democracy? I imagine many people answered this way because they felt their government wasn’t democratic enough. And the depressed vote for this younger cohort might also be more due to their cynicism about whether their votes really matter under the current regimes. I don’t think answering yes to that survey or not voting necessarily rules out a preference for democracy.


    • You raise exactly the right question. Does the poll indicate a loss of belief in democracy as an overall system of governance or does it simply reflect a loss of faith in democracy at a particular point in time. Unfortunately, the poll doesn’t give us the evidence to answer this question.


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