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Posted December 18, 2022 by vferraro1971 in World Politics

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  1. Thanks for this Vinny,
    Not cheerful, but it needs to be said (again). A friend reminded me of “The Limits of Growth”. They suggested a number if scenarios for what would become of the planet, once we exceeded it’s carrying capacity. In most of the scenarios, there is a tragically diminished planetary ecology. For a time, even after the limit has been reached,human population continues to climb, until war and natural disasters do their work …
    is there a plausible alternative?


  2. There are always alternatives. The real question is whether we are willing to pay the price to implement them. Right now, the attention is focused on alternative energy sources and remarkable progress has been made on that front. Ultimately, however, we need to ask ourselves the question: Does a good quality of life require the mass production of things? I suspect that there are many items in our lives that do not really add much joy to our lives. We need to eliminate them and end the pretense that people are free to consume as much as they want. Not only are we destroying the environment with that pretense; we are also making ourselves and our children unhappier.


  3. Wow, thats quite a choice, coming from you Vinnie! Although I am prone to see the dark side of things I have been hoping against hope that this too shall pass, as the Greeks say.
    Be well , be content and near loved ones
    Merry Christmas


  4. The original “Eve of Destruction” was the beginning of my political awareness about the Vietnam war. The update should inspire others to make sure the worst doesn’t happen. I’m not pessimistic about the future. But concern is warranted.


  5. I appreciate and admire that you eschew pessimism. I believe you are correct about the need to reduce our consumption of the superfluous. It harms our spirits as well as the environment and diminishes our lives.


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