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We are getting more information about the tests North Korea recently conducted. They are being described a “projectiles” and not necessarily missiles. Since the projectiles did not travel more than 120 miles it appears as if the tests were calibrated not to break any understandings between the US, South Korea, and North Korea. But they were clearly designed to demonstrate North Korea’s displeasure with the slow pace of negotiations. In Slate, Molly Olmstead relates the significance of the test:

“According to the Post, South Korea’s president said the North’s actions violated a September military cooperation agreement between the two countries aimed at reducing tensions. A spokeswoman for the president said the South would work with the U.S. to ‘ramp up vigilance and closely communicate with neighboring countries as needed.’ According to the Times, the South Korean foreign minister said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had said in a conversation with her that the U.S. would respond ‘with caution.’ In a tweet on Saturday, Trump said he still believes he can reach a nuclear deal with Kim.”

US President Trump is confident that the projectiles do not derail the denuclearization negotiations. Apparently, leader Kim has his own schedule.

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