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The South China Morning Post has an excellent article on China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The initiative is an ambitious attempt to revive the old Silk Road that dominated the global economy before the rise of European power. The article is very balanced, looking at the benefits and disadvantages of the effort for countries in southeast, south, and central Asia. It is also an attempt by China to reshape the global economy in ways that serve its interests better than the current liberal world order.

“The growth in investment in places like Cambodia comes despite mounting criticism and resistance, and underlines Beijing’s accelerated push for the world’s most ambitious project amid China’s economic wrangling with the United States and European powers and their unfolding geopolitical rivalry.

“Those ambitions will be in the spotlight this week when 37 heads of state, including Hun Sen and Russian President Vladimir Putin, head to Beijing for the Belt and Road Forum, the second of its kind in less than two years. But neither India nor the US will send senior representatives.”

As the week unfolds there will be more articles on the meeting in Beijing goes on. Keep an eye on how the BRI is received by the less wealthy states.

Climate change has been occurring since the beginning of the industrial revolution and the current situation is the result of the cumulative level of greenhouse gas emissions since the 18th century. There is no question which country is most responsible for the largest contribution to this cumulative problem. Carbon Brief has put together the video below which dramatically illustrates the US role. But pay attention to how rapidly China and India rise in the rankings.

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