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The US Senate is beginning to investigate whether the US President, in its Constitutional role as Commander-in-Chief, has the unilateral authority to launch nuclear weapons.  The Constitution grants only the US Congress to declare war, but after the invention of nuclear weapons there grew up an implicit understanding that given the time frame of a nuclear strike–30 minutes after the invention of ballistic missiles–the Congressional requirement was not appropriate for nuclear weapons.  This review is long overdue, not only for the citizens of the US but also for all the people in the planet.  Such a consequential decision should not be made without some degree of institutional oversight.  I doubt that any news laws will be passed, but we need to sustain the debate.

The “nuclear football” follows the President wherever he goes.  On several occasions, the President has been separated from the passcard (known as the “biscuit”) that verifies his identity to initiate the process of launching a US nuclear attack.


Fortune magazine has published an article on the distribution of wealth in the world based on information provided by the Swiss bank, Credit Suisse.  According to the article:

“Looking at the bottom of the wealth distribution, 3.5 billion people—corresponding to 70% of all adults in the world—own less than $10,000. Those with low wealth tend to be disproportionately found among the younger age groups, who have had little chance to accumulate assets, but we find that millennials face particularly challenging circumstances compared to other generations”.

Further, from the Credit Suisse report itself:

“But confidence in the future has been eroded, and there is a growing sense that the economic recovery is shallow, and has not reached all layers of society. Evidence from our global wealth database supports this view. Using current US dollar exchange rates, wealth per adult has grown at a slower pace during the last nine years, while median wealth has not risen at all in many parts of the world, reinforcing concerns that we will not return soon to the robust and inclusive growth experienced at the start of the century”

This trend toward greater inequality is both politically and economically unstable.


Time for Peace Courtesy of NASA


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