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Poland celebrated its Independence Day today and 60,000 Polish nationalists marched to placards reading “Pure Poland, white Poland!”, “Refugees get out!”, and “Pray for Islamic Holocaust”.   Poland received its independence in 1918 after World War I, having been occupied by Russia, Prussia, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire for almost two centuries.  The marchers carried flags with the falanga symbol, a vestige of the far-right movement in the 1930s.  Nationalism is definitely on the rise in many countries in the world, and fewer are afraid to embrace a “blood and soil” definition of nationalism.

Polish Marchers                                                                                                                                  Falanga Symbol



The EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, gave a very grim prognosis on the British exit (Brexit) from the European Union.  There have been six rounds of negotiations on Brexit, but the British government seems to be paralyzed on critical issues complicated by disarray within the Cabinet of Prime Minister May.  The deadline for decisions on most issues is in December at the next meeting of the European Union in Brussels.  By then, both sides must agree on how much money Britain would have to pay to honor its previous commitments to the Union even as it leaves the Union.


Agence France-Presse has published a short primer on the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran.  If one knows little about the relationship between the two states, it is a good place to start.  Saudi Arabia has requested an emergency meeting to discuss the issue of Iran in the region.  It might be better for the Arab League to discuss the plight of Yemeni Arabs who are suffering from a cholera outbreak complicated by incessant bombing by Saudi Arabia and a blockade of Yemen that is preventing needed humanitarian supplies from reaching the beleaguered citizens.

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