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One of the fundamental tenets of the liberal ideology is that the state should not discriminate against any citizen on the basis of religion (as well as other attributes, such as race or ethnicity).  But many nations strongly identify with a specific religion.  Indeed, some have official religions.  The tensions between liberal states and various interpretations of the nation can be intense.  For example, the Republican candidate for the US Senate in Alabama, Ray Moore, has said on various occasions that God’s law is above man’s law (Moore is a devout Christian).  The tensions are apparent in many eastern and central European states who have moved from the official Communist position of atheism toward the liberal democracies of western Europe.  The Pew Research Centerreligion affects the policies of many of these states. has evidence on how


The Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, has resigned citing the growth of Iranian influence over his nation and fears over being assassinated.  Hariri has been in office for 11 months and has not been able to exercise effective control over the government which is strongly influence by the Iranian-backed Hezbollah.  Hariri gave the speech in Saudi Arabia and he said that Iran” “has a desire to destroy the Arab world and has boasted of its control of the decisions in all the Arab capitals. Hezbollah imposed a reality in Lebanon through force of arms, and their intervention causes us big problems with all our Arab allies”.  The position articulated by Hariri dovetails almost completely with the official views of Saudi Arabia and the US.

Saad Hariri


It is incredibly difficult to appreciate the economic power of China, but Visual Capitalist has published a graphic which is simply mind-blowing.  There are 31 Chinese cities that produce as much as the GDPs of many highly developed countries.


31 Chinese Cities With Economies As Big as Countries

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