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Scuffles have broken out between Indian and Chinese troops along their disputed border near Kashmir.  The video, broadcast by India’s NDTV, shows Indian and Chinese troops throwing stones and punches at each other near Pangong Lake in Ladakh.  This incident is far from the Doklam region which has also seen tensions rise between India and China over Chinese road building near Bhutan.  There is little question that India and China are having a very difficult time adjusting to each other’s rise in the region and the world.  The volatility in South Asian international politics seems to be increasing quite dramatically.





A group of countries calling itself the Lima Group, consisting of 12 Latin American states plus the US and Canada, condemned the Venezuelan Constituent Assembly as an illegitimate usurpation of power by the government of Nicolas Maduro.  The Constituent Assembly has taken on the powers of the Venezuelan Congress which is controlled by opposition parties and there is no part of the government in which the opposition has any effective voice.  The Maduro government immediately attacked the Lima Group declaration as an illegal intrusion into the internal affairs of Venezuela.  The international community is going to have to speak effectively to force the Venezuelan government to allow opposition voices, but it must be careful not to give Maduro any excuse to tighten his control any further.

The election of Emmanuel Macron three months ago was hailed as a new phase of French politics, as all the traditional political parties were trounced by Macron and his relatively new political party, République En Marche.  The bloom has faded quickly from that rose as Macron’s popularity has fallen precipitously.  There are a variety of theories about Macron’s fall from grace, but the more important issue is how difficult it has become for effective governance in today’s political climate.  The level of citizen dissatisfaction all over the world seems to have reached levels that defy normal politics.  Where that leaves us all is completely unknown.


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