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In an unsurprising result, the Pew Research Center found that American Muslims are equally as concerned as non-Muslim Americans about Islamic extremists. According to the  poll:

“About eight-in-ten U.S. Muslims (82%) say they are either very (66%) or somewhat concerned (16%) about extremism committed in the name of Islam around the world, about the same as the share of the general public that feels this way (83%).”

The poll should put to rest the ignorant belief that Islam is not compatible with the American system.  One hopes that these results would be broadly shared by the American media.


Every four years in September the Russian military conducts a massive military exercise code-named Zapad (“West”).  Experts will be closely watching this year’s exercise since it is the first since the Russian annexation of Crimea and its infiltration of eastern Ukraine.  Earlier Zapads had been used as a cover for real military actions by Russia in Georgia and in Ukraine, and many are concerned that this year’s exercise will be used to bring Russian pressure on Belarus.  Belarus is a former Soviet Republic and is officially an ally of Russia, but it has tried to remain somewhat neutral in the frosty relations between Russia and the West.  Given the recent very tense relations between Russia and NATO, the prospect of perhaps as many as 100,000 Russian soldiers actively engaged so close to NATO members is quite unnerving.

The Venezuelan government is pursuing legislation which would bar opposition candidates from running in elections if they were found to have participated in any of the violent anti-government protests earlier this year.  It is also considering a new law that would punish people who express “hate or intolerance” with up to 25 years in prison.  Elections are scheduled for October, but all the evidence suggests that the newly “elected” constituent assembly will allow any results that compromise the ability of the government to maintain its authoritarian control.

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