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Happy Birthday, Pakistan!!!  Seventy years ago the British ended its colonization of India and two new states emerged: India and Pakistan.  The partition of the former colony into two new states was not an easy one.  For some, the partition was a way to create a Muslim state called Pakistan on 14 August 1947 in order to give stability and order to those individuals who believed that the overwhelming Hindu composition of India could not be comfortable for Muslim citizens.  So a great migration (the largest migration in human history–17 million people) occurred with huge numbers of people moving into what they believed to be a Muslim Pakistan or a Hindu India.  Both states retain secular constitutions, although revisions to Pakistan’s constitution made during the rule of General Zia-ul Haq in the 1970s brought the laws into closer conformity with Islamic tradition.


Also, on this day in 1941 US President Franklin Roosevelt met with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill on the USS Augusta just off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.  Together they drafted what came to be known as the Atlantic Charter which outlined the objectives of what would become an alliance against Nazi Germany.  The British were locked in the Battle of Britain as the Germans tried to knock off the last liberal state in Europe, and the British were facing a possible defeat.  The US had officially stayed out of the war (and would not enter it until the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941) but Roosevelt was strongly in favor of supporting the British and entering the war.  The Atlantic Charter was first to use the phrase “United Nations” which ultimately came into being in 1944.


Nuclear Weapons in the World (From Visual Capitalist)

Nuclear Weapons Factsheet

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