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Thousands have protested in Hamburg, the site of the G-20 meeting.  Many of the protesters were expressing strong anti-capitalist sentiments while many others were protesting some of the participants to the meeting, including US President Trump and Russian President Putin.  The protests are not unusual at a G-20 meeting since the participants represent the 20 largest economies in the world.  Deutsche Welle has in-depth coverage of the protests and the issues at the meeting.  It is hard to imagine that much of substance will be accomplished at the meeting.

The crack in the Larsen C ice shelf is now about 200 kilometers long and is attached to the shelf by only 5 kilometers of ice.  Its calving is being monitored by satellites, and when it does break off it will be one of the largest icebergs ever recorded: “about 190 m thick and contain about 1155 cubic kilometres of ice.”  Since it is part of an ice shelf, its melting will not raise sea levels immediately, but the berg will pose a threat to shipping in the region.  The calving is also evidence of warming in Antarctica that was not expected until quite recently.

Supporters of embattled Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, attacked the National Assembly and injured several opposition members.  The country shows no sign of stabilizing and Maduro seems intent on using whatever violence is necessary to remain in power.  Despite his thuggish behavior, many still support Maduro because of the programs initiated by Hugo Chavez that helped the poor substantially.  A plebiscite is scheduled for 16 July for the citizens to express their views of the government, but it is unclear how reliable a vote could be under the violent circumstances.

Violence in Venezuela

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