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Over the last year women working in garment factories in Cambodia have suffered serious health concerns.  The factories supply sportswear to some of the world’s most popular brands, such as Nike, Puma, and Asics.  The working conditions in the factories are horrible.  According to The Guardian:

“The women who collapsed worked 10 hour days, six days a week and reported feeling exhausted and hungry. Excessive heat was also an issue in three factories, with temperatures of 37C (98°F). Unlike in neighbouring Vietnam, where factory temperatures must not exceed 32C, Cambodia sets no limit, though if temperatures reach a “very high level” causing difficulties for workers, employers must install fans or air conditioning.”

There are non-governmental campaigns to improve the working conditions in such factories, such as the group, Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO).  They are having an effect, but progress is very slow.

Venezuela’s protests continue and the country is in total collapse.  Venezuelan citizens watched Venezuelan authorities shoot a protester on live TV as there seems to be no restraints on the government forces supporting the regime of President Maduro.  Protesters who have been arrested have been subjected to inhumane treatment and conditions.  The international community seems powerless to influence the course of events–there does not seem to be any way out of this impasse.

Fareed Zakaria has written an op-ed for the Washington Post which argues that US President Trump’s policies are leading the US “into another decade of war in the greater Middle East. And this next decade of conflict might prove to be even more destabilizing than the last one.”  The US has ramped up is military responses in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Afghanistan but there does not seem to be any underlying policy justifying these responses.  It seems to be just more of the same policies of the last 16 years which have only served to destabilize the region even further.

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