17 June 2017   Leave a comment

Joseph Nye has been writing about international relations for many years and has a very sophisticated view of the international system, although one that is quite solicitous of American power.  He has written an essay on China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), an ambitious infrastructure program that seeks to create a land-based trading route reminiscent of the old Silk Road.  The initiative is not simply economic–it has powerful political implications as well.  Nye believes, however, that Chinese political aspirations of achieving a level of dominance through the BRI will likely be less than hoped for.

The New York Times provides an even more disturbing explanation for the inconsistencies in US President Trump’s policy toward Qatar.  President Trump’s rhetoric toward Qatar does not reflect the strategic interests the US has in maintaining good relations.  But his harsh words for Qatar and positive words toward other Gulf States, such as Saudi Arabia, does mirror his economic interests in the region.  There is no reason in the world why American citizens have to ask questions about whether American foreign policy is guided by private or public interests.  These conflicts of interests are intolerable.

Posted June 17, 2017 by vferraro1971 in World Politics

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