17 May 2017   1 comment

A new study by a Stanford University economist is rattling the transportation and energy sectors.  Professor Tony Seba is predicting that within eight years petroleum powered vehicles will begin to completely disappear.  According to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, writing for The Telegraph:

“The entire market for land transport will switch to electrification, leading to a collapse of oil prices and the demise of the petroleum industry as we have known it for a century.”

I suspect that eight years is hyperbole, but the end of gasoline-powered vehicles is in sight.

In 1904, many of the peoples of what is now called Namibia rose up against their German colonizers.  According to the Economist: “Historians estimate that 80% of the Herero lost their lives; about half of the Nama died after launching their own revolt. It was the 20th century’s first genocide.”  The Namibians have tried to sue the Germans for reparations, but their efforts have failed.  Nonetheless, efforts to obtain some recompense continue.   Germany has given a great deal of money to Holocaust victims; the US has given money to the Japanese and Japanese-Americans who were unjustly interned during World War II; and Great Britain has offered assistance to the Kenyans who were brutalized during the period of British rule.



The US has continued to waive sanctions against Iran, signaling that it believes that Iran has adhered to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (commonly known as the Iran nuclear agreement).  During the campaign, candidate Trump called the agreement the “worst deal ever” and promised to scrap the agreement.  Nonetheless, the US imposed additional sanctions on Iran for its continuing work on missile programs which are not part of the agreement.  According to Reuters: “Separately, the Treasury Department said it had sanctioned two senior Iranian defense officials, an Iranian company, a Chinese man and three Chinese companies for supporting Iran’s ballistic missile program.”  The decision comes just before the critical Iranian election on 19 May.

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