11 November 2016   Leave a comment

Today is Armistice Day–the day Germany signed the Armistice Agreement with the allies to end the fighting in World War I.  US President Wilson signed a proclamation identifying today as Armistice Day in 1919 and the day officially became a national holiday in 1938.  In 1954 the holiday was renamed Veterans Day to honor US veterans of all wars.  In Europe, however, the day still resonates as a memorial to World War I. 

Various media are reporting that Myron Ebell is likely to be appointed the head of the Enviornmental Protection Agency.  If true, the appointment would place a prominent climate change denier in charge of US efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Many are concerned that the Paris Agreement on curbing emissions will be neutered by the Trump Administration.  Some scientists have labeled the Trump election as a “disaster” for the planet.

The election of Donald Trump likely signals the end of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), one of Obama’s two signal free trade deals with Europe and Asia.  One distinctive feature of the TPP was that it excluded China.  China has countered with its own trade proposal, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RECAP), which includes 16 Asian countries, including 7 signatories to the TPP: Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.  Significantly, RECAP does not include the US which would stand to lose billions of dollars of trade deals if it is finally approved as it currently stands.

Der Spiegel is one of the most influential news magazines in Germany (and in the world).  Here is the cover of its most recent issue.  I don’t think one needs to know German to understand the message.

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