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There has been a bomb attack in Indian-controlled Kashmir that has killed many Indian troops and wounded several others. The bombing was conducted by a suicide bomber and Jaish-e-Mohammed (JED), a Pakistani based group claimed responsibility for the blast. Control over Kashmir has been a contentious issue between India and Pakistan since the independence of both states in 1947. At the time of independence, the population of the area was primarily Muslim which would have suggested that it be a part of Pakistan, but, at the time, the territory was controlled by a Hindu ruler who wanted to join India. India has promised retaliation for the attack and has threatened to “isolate” Pakistan. Tensions have been ramping up between India and Pakistan for many years, and both states are currently undergoing difficult economic times. Additionally, India has scheduled national elections in May, and there is little question that tensions with Pakistan are always a mobilizing election issue.

Map of Jammu and Kashmir

Thousands of school children in Great Britain have gone on a day-long strike to protest global inaction on the problem of climate change. There were also strikes in other European states and in Australia. Lottie Tellyn, a participant in the British strike wrote an op-ed piece for The Independent in which she articulated the motives of the strikers:

“Our generation will no longer accept catastrophic changes that are negatively impacting our future. Years of limited action against climate change, years of covered up information on the climate crisis, and now we are finally saying enough is enough.

“However, our anger is not inarticulate and misdirected. It’s organised, coordinated and passionate, and we’re using it to ask for change. We deserve better from the people we’re supposed to place our trust in. We can’t even vote yet, but we will be faced with the consequences of politicians’ inaction for decades, despite the fact that we have no say in parliament….

“We demand the government declares a climate emergency, taking active steps towards climate justice; we demand reform of our education system so it teaches all young people about the extent of the climate emergency; we demand the government warns the public about the peril that we face and the urgency that is required to act; and finally, we demand the government recognises that we have the biggest stake in our future, and so lowers the voting age to sixteen.”

British Prime Minister Teresa May criticized the students for missing classes, but I suspect that the strikers could care less. There are plans for a global school walkout on 15 March.

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