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The Trump Administration has announced another round of tariffs that could affect about $200 billion of products imported from China.  The list does not go into effect until late August and consumers and producers can comment on the tariffs before they take effect.  The list includes about 6,000 products (if one wants to peruse the list, it can be accessed here (it’s long!!).  One should expect lobbying against the tariffs to be intense.   But Ivanka Trump’s fashion line has already been exempted. The Chinese response to the announcement was swift and did not mince any words:

“Chinese society is enraged by the US trade hegemony. Some export-oriented companies in China have suffered directly from the trade war and deserve the government’s help to minimize the losses. The Chinese government can adjust economics and trade toward less dependence on the US.

“China is not alone in dealing with the US. The Ministry of Commerce said it will immediately lodge an additional complaint with the WTO over the unilateral acts of the US. Chinese people have become more confident in handling outside challenges. As long as China stays resolute, rational and calm, it will remain invincible against the US.”

Business Insider provided a list of the products most likely to be affected by the tariffs if they go into effect:

scutty chart


The Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs has published a fascinating essay on how maps are used to make political points .  We tend to think of maps as accurate representations of both geography and political realities, but nothing could be further from the truth.  The manipulation of images and border lines have decisive effects on how we view the world.  The image below speaks volumes about how the British viewed their role in the world and how they regarded those under their control.

The British Empire, 1886

Imperial Federation, 1886

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