28 January 2017   2 comments

I try very hard to avoid posting opinion pieces, but there are, at times, issues that simply transcend simple analysis.  The US decision to restrict immigration into the country is one that defies clinical detachment.  Dylan Matthews has written an essay with a clear point of view and one that does not try to be even-handed, but makes an argument that I fully support: that the US policy is a horrific example of cruelty.   The policy cannot be reasonably justified in terms of security:

“The reasons for Trump’s ban on refugees could not be more feeble, and could not be more petty. It serves no actual security purpose. You have a better chance of getting killed by a train, or by your own clothes catching on fire, than by an immigrant terrorist attack. The odds of a refugee killing you in a terrorist strike are about 1 in 3.6 billion. That’s about four hundred times less likely than being hit by lightning twice. If you look back at significant terrorist attacks in the US like San Bernardino or the Pulse nightclub shooting or 9/11, exactly none of them would have been prevented by this policy.”

But the number of lives that have been disrupted and perhaps irrevocably compromised numbers in the hundreds of thousands.  And the reputation of the US will forever be damaged.

A group of Economists have created a new website entitled Econofact.  It was created in response to a widespread belief that many citizens are not getting accurate information about important policy issues.  Its format is straightforward: it identifies policy issues and then lists what the authors believe are corroborated sources of information relevant to the policy debate.  It is an interesting experiment.  I do not believe that any “fact” is free of subjectivity, but the decision to identify only those sources of information that are based on techniques that have passed a rigorous vetting process is a good step forward.  We’ll see how well the experiment works.

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  2. Being an American used to mean so much to me and to most of the people I know, grew up with and respect…now it is becoming shameful, extremely hurtful to know the pain and the anguish caused by this new administration pushing through these catastrophic executive measures that do not make us more safe in this world but will bring about nothing but more hate and deceit toward America and its people and the complete wonder of what the hell happened in the USA!!!….

    How this new administration can come along and just abolish the good that the Obama administration strived to get put into effect…how they can have complete disregard of our planet, cancel information from being put forth from the scientific community for all of us to read to stay in touch with realities of what’s really happening with our water, air, atmosphere, glaciers, and all the changes that are so very rapidly taken place due to the effect of global warming that this administration can’t even admit is a reality. It is beyond my wildest dreams that we could have put such a man, with this oil execs, and billionaires into office to lead this once very great nation. Trump has is backwards….America was great until he came along and decided to become the most blasphemous man this country will ever know.

    We must stand up against this man and his administration before the do irreparable damage which they are so very rapidly doing at a very alarming rate…being an American means not putting up with politicians who care not for the greater good, but only there own ideology….without a care for humankind outside of there own realm of thinking. We as a people on this earth no matter race, color or religion are a loving and caring people for each other…


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