3 December 2016   1 comment

President-Elect Trump received a congratulatory telephone call from the President of Taiwan,  Tsai Ing-wen.  China, which regards Taiwan as a renegade province, reacted with anger.  As far as if publicly known, no American President has spoken officially with the leaders of Taiwan since 1979 and the official stance of the US is that there is one China and Taiwan is part of China. In an editorial for the China Times, which represents the official government view, it seems as if China is willing to consider the incident as a “mistake”:

“Trump is not familiar with foreign relations and has been known for not playing by the rules since he started running for president. Before he gets sworn in, he faces some vague space to handle things. By answering Tsai’s call he may want to test how China would react and therefore prepare him for dealing with the country and gaining some advantage after he takes office.”

There is no question about how seriously China takes the matter.  On the job training is not well-suited to diplomacy.

For the sixth straight week, South Koreans took to the streets to protest against President Park and charges of corruption within her administration.  Park made a conditional offer to resign her office but the opposition party filed a motion to impeach her.  The impeachment proceedings should therefore begin sometime next week, but members of her own party are encouraging her to resign before the trial.  The opposition parties do not have enough votes to approve an impeachment motion, but some of her own party may vote for impeachment if she does not resign.

Protests in Seoul

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After 22 years of his tyrannical rule, voters in the Gambia finally voted against President Yahya Jammeh.  Surprisingly, President Jammeh, although initially reluctant to accept the results of the votes, made a gracious concession speech, wishing the victor, Adama Barrow, good luck.  The concession speech sharply contrasted with the brutality of Jammeh’s rule, and there was widespread disbelief at the outcome.  But, slowly, Gambians have begun to celebrate their freedom.

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  1. Trump must have thought that these leaders could help him for some reason but instead left some inappropriate messages by making these phone calls.


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