18 November 2016   Leave a comment

The Economist  has an excellent article on what it calls the “new nationalism.”  It outlines how different Donald Trump’s conception of nationalism is from previous American Administrations, and then it goes on to connect Trump’s understanding of nationalism with the other manifestations of nationalism in the world today.  The article is rich with examples and insights and makes a genuine step forward in understanding what is going on in the world.

Something strange is going on in the Arctic.  Temperatures there are almost 36 degrees above average.  As a consequence, sea ice is not building up as quickly as it usually does.  The departures from average are clearly anomalies and it is impossible to extrapolate throughout the entire winter.  But for temperatures to be so high at a time when the sun barely shows during the day (if at all) is clearly something to be concerned about.

Forecast Image

Spiegel has another great article on the link between globalization and political anger in the world’s middle classes.  The article has a simple point:

“The belief that politics doesn’t serve the body politic and that the economy doesn’t serve the people has taken firm hold. That only corporations and the rich profit. And that globalization, with its open borders and freedom of movement for both goods and people, is to blame for it all. “Globalists” is the word Trump derogatorily uses for people who promote these values.”

It remains to be seen how firm this conviction has become.  It is a point of view that was almost inconceivable just 10 years ago before the Great Recession.

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