3 November 2016   1 comment

Americans will vote next Tuesday to determine whether a woman will be elected President for the first time in its history.  The US lags far behind the rest of the world.  The Economist examined the heads of states for 144 countries over the period 1966-2016 and found that 40% of those countries had a female head of state for some period of time.

The World Health Organization is reporting a dramatic spike in cases of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in West Africa, particularly in densely populated areas such as the city of Lagos in Nigeria.  There are an estimated 10 million patients with tuberculosis in the world and of those about 500,000 have the multidrug resistant strains.  The problem is difficult to manage in areas such as West Africa which lack the resources to maintain the vigilant treatment necessary for this disease.  But it is hardly confined to poor regions of the world.  Tuberculosis is a transmissable disease and the need to contain and defeat it is a global responsibility.

The British High Court has ruled that Parliament must vote on the British exit from the European Union.  The ruling will significantly delay British negotiations with the EU on the terms of its departure under Article 50 of the Union Charter.  It will complicate Prime Minster May’s decision-making process and allow a great deal of mischief to creep into the permissable terms for British exit.  The ruling is also a deep disappointment to the EU which wanted the process to be expedited in order to avoid possible complications from the national elections  in France, Germany and the Netherlands later in 2017.  The terms of the British exit have become even harder to predict.

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  1. Can the Parliament vote to stop Brexit? or is that option off the table now?


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