21 October 2016   2 comments

You may have experienced some difficulties with web sites today.  There was an incredible denial of services attack against a major domain host that targeted the east coast (and is now migrating to the west coast) of the US. The graphic below shows a heat map of the flood of requests that have overwhelmed the services.  If you want to be completely mesmerized, you may want to check out a real-time map of the attacks.  The real-time map is at Norse Corp and it is currently overwhelmed with requests, so it may take several attempts to actually get to the site.  The vulnerability of the web is something that we clearly do not fully appreciate, and we have come to take it for granted.  It is probably a big mistake to rely on such a fragile instrument.

Jacobin is a left-wing journals around that often has articles very critical of American foreign policy.  In a recent issue, it ran an article that questions the idea of a no-fly zone in Syria.  That humanitarian gesture has been floated by a number of analysts recently as a way of providing some assistance to the beleaguered people of Syria. The proposal responds to the powerful desire to do something, but as the article points out it is a policy that is fraught with risks.

South Africa has taken steps to withdraw form the International Criminal Court.  The immediate cause for the South African move is the criticism by the court of the South African decision not to honor the ICC’s demand to arrest the indicted leader of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, when he visited South  Africa.  South Africa believes that the demand was incompatible with South African sovereignty.  But there is a larger issue in play as well:  since its inception, all 28 indictments handed down by the Court have been against Africans.

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  1. I think maybe the truth is even less pleasant to know. Maybe South Africa had contemplated the withdraw for a longer period of time but only got an excuse to really put the plan forward in light of this specific incident.


  2. I think most of the African states have been thinking about withdrawing fro some time. I think they have a strong case.


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