2 October 2016   1 comment

There was violence at a festival near a sacred lake in the town of Bishoftu in Ethiopia and as many as 100 people died.  Every October Ethiopia’s Oromo people hold the Irreecha thanksgiving festival at the end of the rainy season.   The Oromo make up about a third of Ethiopia’s population, but the ethnic group feels marginalized, particularly at the hands of another ethnic group, the Tigray.  Feyisa Lilesa, a silver medal winner at the Summer Games in August, demonstrated solidarity with the Oromo people by holding his arms in an X when he crossed the finish line of the Men’s Marathon.   Apparently, the crowds at the festival held their hands in a similar fashion, leading the police to fire tear gas at the celebrants.

Image result for map ethnic groups in Ethiopia

Colombians are going to the polls today to vote in a referendum to end the longest guerrilla war in Latin America.  The Colombian government had been fighting the  Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) since 1964.  It has been a bloody and treacherous war with both political and criminal objectives.  The government has promised to initiate an ambitious economic development plan in areas once controlled by the FARC and the FARC has promised to disarm, clear landmines, and get out of the cocaine business.  But the contentious part of the peace agreement revolves around the promise of amnesty if FARC members confess to their crimes before a special tribunal.  We shall see how the people of Colombia resolve this conflict.

Voters in Hungary cast their ballots in a referendum sponsored by Prime Minister Viktor Orban to repudiate the European Union’s policies on refugees.   Voters were ask to vote on the following question: “Do you want the European Union to be able to order the mandatory settlement of non-Hungarian citizens in Hungary without parliament’s consent?”  The vote received 98.2 percent “no” votes, but the turnout for the referendum was only 39.7%, short of the 50% required to constitute a valid vote.  The outcome is curious.  3 million Hugarians voted to repudiate the EU, but many more refused to participate in the vote. A difficult outcome to assess.

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  1. There should not be Nuer Ethnics in Gambella, Ethiopia. All Nuers are refugees and they do not own any piece of land in Gambella at all. It shame that Ethiopia Government trying to eliminate the natives of Gambella.


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