17 September 2016   Leave a comment

Japan’s National Institute of Population and Social Security has conducted a survey of unmarried individuals in Japan and has found that 42 per cent of single men and 44.2 per cent of single women have never had sex.  The results suggest a high degree of economic insecurity among Japan’s young and is very troubling to a society that has significantly more people on pensions than it has working people paying into those pensions.  Gross public debt in Japan currently stands at 250% of Gross Domestic Product.

A US bombing attack in Syria has accidentally killed 62 Syrian government troops.  The US believed it was bombing a Daesh (Islamic State position) but it actually struck Syrian troops fighting Daesh.  Both US and Russian forces have failed to target properly in Syria, and the Russians blamed the Americans for not coordinating its attacks with the Russian military.  The error has rattled the already unsteady cease-fire in Syria.

Protests were held in a number of European cities against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with the US and the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) with Canada.  Sentiment against the trading pacts has been steadily growing as more people become convinced that free trade does not benefit everyone in society fairly.  Support in the US for the TTIP has virtually collapsed as both presidential candidates have voiced opposition to various parts of the deals.

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