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Pakistan shot down two Indian fighter jets and captured one of the pilots as the situation over Kashmir continues to deteriorate. Pakistan released a video of the capture of the Indian pilots, but its authenticity could not be verified although India did admit that one of its pilots was missing. The matter now becomes a matter of honor for the Indian military so it will be difficult for the Indian government to show restraint. The dispute over Kashmir is so deep-seated and the current tensions are so volatile that it is difficult to see a way for the crisis to be tamped down. The great powers are also divided over the conflict as the US has clearly sided with India and China with Pakistan. Although still unlikely, a war between India and Pakistan is not inconceivable.

India and Pakistan Military Comparison

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari was declared the victor in the delayed election, but his opponent, Atiku Abubakar, claimed that the vote was fraudulent. Independent election monitoring groups estimated that about 250 people were killed in election-related violence, but, although there were some voting irregularities, many of those groups judged the vote to be fair. The voting turn-out (35%) was lower than the election in 2015 perhaps signifying a belief among voters that the candidates offered little to be enthusiastic about.

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