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 The US and South Korea have agreed to postpone their scheduled military exercises until after the end of the Winter Olympics (2 February-25 March).  If North Korea takes this action as a possible sign of accommodation (the Chinese and the Russians have been pushing the idea of a “double-freeze”–no military exercises by the US and South Korea in return for no testing by North Korea), then we might have a basis for possible negotiations.  The Winter Olympics offers a convenient excuse for the double-freeze since it provides a plausible basis for non-action that does not involve a capitulation to the terms of the other side.  If this is indeed what is happening (and there is no way to know for sure), then we should hope that the pause provides an opportunity to build upon.
The last 18 months has been nothing less than a constant succession of bizarre stories that I never could have imagined 2 years ago.  Many of these stories have been truly depressing and discouraging, but I had no idea how the string of stories had re-shaped the parameters of what I think is “normal”.  But today I had an epiphany, brought about by some geniuses out in internet-land who apparently have had their own definitions of normal distorted as well.  And I felt vindicated as I read this snippet from the Twilight Zone:
It is comforting to know that we are all going crazy together.  Or that the insanity somehow makes sense.  Whatever.
Visualizing Capitalism  has produced a graphic that nicely illustrates the cosmopolitan nature of the world’s richest people.  They transcend national boundaries and they all share a common interest in protecting their capital.   In many respects, this elite shares more common interests than they share with their own citizens.  The world’s richest people live lives completely beyond the comprehension of 99% of everyone alive and who have ever existed.
Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

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