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A new book on the Holocaust has been published, Human Rights After Hitler, by Dan Plesch.  The book adds more evidence that the Allied Powers were well aware of the German plans to exterminate Jews as early as December 1942.  This assertion has been made before, but Plesch provides documents that have been secret to make the case.  According to The Independent:

“Newly accessed material from the United Nations – not seen for around 70 years – shows that as early as December 1942, the US, UK and Soviet governments were aware that at least two million Jews had been murdered and a further five million were at risk of being killed, and were preparing charges. Despite this, the Allied Powers did very little to try and rescue or provide sanctuary to those in mortal danger.”

The clear lesson is that when human rights are being threatened on such a massive scale, states should act on that information as quickly as possible and not wait for overwhelming evidence.


There are reports that China has placed bombers on high alert in anticipation of actions in North Korea.  It is not at all clear what this higher stage implies, but it suggests that China is concerned about the possible influx of refugees from North Korea in case of instability.  Russia has also rushed more equipment and soldiers to its border with North korea.  In the mean time, we have learned that the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier group would take at least 30 days to get into position near North Korea.  The confusion over the whereabouts of the aircraft carrier has led to much derision in Asia, and this comment from China’s China Times:

“The truth seems to be that the US military and president jointly created fake news and it is without doubt a rare scandal in US history, which will be bound to cripple Trump’s and US dignity.”

Let’s hope that the Chinese high alert is not due to an expectation that the US is going to attack North Korea.  I have no doubts that that is exactly what the Chinese would do if they thought an attack was imminent. But let’s pretend that it’s not on their mind right now.

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