13 March 2017   1 comment

Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish first minister, announced that she will seek another referendum on Scottish independence following the British decision to leave the European Union.  The majority of Scots voted to remain in the EU in the Brexit referendum, and many Scots do not believe that Scottish interests are served best by leaving the EU.  Scotland would need permission from the British to hold another referendum and it is not clear that Britain would allow another vote.  But if the Scottish Parliament votes for independence, it would difficult for Britain to refuse another referendum.

The Hill is reporting that US President Trump wants to cut back US financial support for the United Nations by 50%.  The US is by far the largest contributor to UN programs and such a cut, if implemented, would devastate the international organization. The Trump budget already cuts the US State Department and the Agency for International Development by 36%.  It is not clear how these budget proposals would fare in the US Congress, but the proposed cuts would clearly signal the end of US authority in world affairs.

Japan plans to send its largest warship, the helicopter carrier Izumo, into the South China Sea for a three month stint.   The move is clearly designed to challenge Chinese claims of sovereignty in the region and will likely be contested by the Chinese.  The Izumo reflects the new attitudes of the Japanese government regarding its military capabilities.  The name, Izumo, was used for one of the Japanese most important naval vessels in the Russo-Japanese War, and reflects a long-time naval tradition in Japan.

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  1. Referendum on an issue like this is no less important than an election for president, and therefore it can be nerve-racking an experience contemplating how it would go. But personally I think this referendum would also be an exciting event no matter what aspect of the issue might get addressed more in the end. Thank you Vinnie for posting. I’m planning to write an update to some of my mentors after final exams, but I guess I’ll just say hi to you at here. 🙂


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