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There is little question that the world is facing a serious crisis because of environmental degradation.  Many people resist responding to this crisis because of a belief that addressing environmental degradation damages economic growth and reduces jobs.  Jenna Ruddock analyzes this proposition and her review of the literature clearly indicates that the  link between environmental protection and reduced economic growth is very weak and that there is considerable evidence that suggests that environmental protection actually increases the number of jobs and boosts economic growth.

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There is considerable dissent over the Trump Administration’s temporary ban (now enjoined by court order) on immigrants, visitors, and refugees from seven countries in the Middle East.  The debate has been very messy because there was no attempt by the administration to discriminate among the various constituencies within the pool of people who come to the US from those seven countries.  Those who support the ban tend to believe that the flow of people is fairly monolithic since the only concession within the ban was to try to accommodate those suffering religious persecution.  Lyman Stone has written an essay for Vox which outlines the extraordinary diversity of those wishing to enter the US.  There is no way for humane policy to evolve without an appreciation for this diversity.

On 11 January, the Pakistani newspaper, Dawn, ran an editorial worrying about the disappearances of several progressive bloggers and writers, suggesting that the government was somehow involved in the abductions.  It argued that “The recent disappearances are also sure to contribute to a worsening climate of fear and intimidation in the country among activists working for a tolerant, progressive and inclusive Pakistan.”  A free-lance journalist, Umer Ali, has followed up on the issue and has written an essay for The Diplomat on the growing fears within Pakistan that the government’s censorship is far deeper and more extensive than many believe.

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