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Jessica T. Mathews has written a very well-documented essay on the world-views of President Trump’s foreign policy advisers for the New York Review of Books.  She points out how their worldviews differs substantially from the bipartisan consensus on foreign policy that has guided the US since 1945.  The departure from the rules-based international order to a more deal-oriented transactionalist perspective runs the risk of greater unpredictability and volatility in the international system.

The World Economic Forum was held last week in Davos, Switzerland.  It is an annual meeting of some of the richest people on the planet–of the 3,000 people who attended last week, there were 2,000 private jets that brought them there.  There was lip service to the idea of redistributing wealth to solve the problems of wealth inequality, but there did not seem to be much serious concern to the matter. 


Hours of CEO labor needed to equal the average national annual wage


Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, was the first Orthodox Jew to ever deliver a prayer at a US Presidential Inauguration and the first Rabbi in 30 years to deliver that blessing.   He was opposed by many Jews who did not think that President Trump spoke out strongly enough against anti-Semitism during the campaign.  But he also received hundreds of hateful messages after the inauguration.  President Trump should make a clear and powerful condemning such messages.

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