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Ipsos Public Affairs is a think tank that regularly conducts public opinion polls.  Its most recent poll asked people all over the world whether they thought their country was going in the right direction and what their major concerns were.  The results were fascinating:  there was a wide divergence among countries about what the major concerns were.  People in China had a much more favorable view of the direction their country was heading than any other country, by a very wide margin.



The US-based Global Financial Integrity (GFI) and the Centre for Applied Research at the Norwegian School of Economics have issued a report on unreported capital flows between poor and rich countries.  The common view of that economic relationship is that rich countries send development aid to poor countries to help them overcome poverty.  The actual relationship is quite different.  According to the report: “since 1980 developing countries lost US$16.3 trillion dollars through broad leakages in the balance of payments, trade misinvoicing, and recorded financial transfers.”  The negative flows occur because so much money flows through offshore banking centers and other untallied flows that are unrecorded in official transactions.  According to The Guardian:  “In other words, for every $1 of aid that developing countries receive, they lose $24 in net outflows.”  The drain on the GDPs of poor countries is huge as indicated in the graph below.

Rajan Menon has written an essay for The American Conservative which gives a very good insight into the way President Trump may address the Iranian nuclear deal.  During the campaign, Mr. Trump was highly critical of the arrangement, as was his Secretary of Defense, Gen. Matthis.  Menon, however, does not believe that President Trump will immediately scrap the agreement.  He does think that President Trump will likely have very frosty relations with Iran.

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