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There are about 10,000 people living in an informal refugee camp in Calais, France.  The refugees are from all over the world and are camped out hoping for an opportunity to catch a ride through the Chunnel to Great Britain.  The risks are great for the refugees but Great Britain remains the place with the greatest opportunities for displaced people.  The camp, however, is a dangerous place and French authorities have vowed to remove all the people there within weeks.  There are about 1,000 unaccompanied children in the camp and no one knows what will happen to them.

Refugee Camp, Calais

Image result for calais refugee camp

Ireland has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe, but thousands have protested in the country for a repeal of the laws–most notably the 1983 amendment to the Constitution giving the fetus equal rights to the mother.  In Poland, on the other hand, thousands have marched to make the country’s restrictive abortion laws even more restrictive, banning the procedure even to save the life of the mother.  The degree to which human rights are contested in the world is truly remarkable.

Protests at South African universities have been ongoing for over a year.  The protests are targeting dramatic increases in university fees, but they also represent a growing sense within South African young people that the university system is not serving their interests well.  In many respects, the university system reflects the inequities within South Africa as a whole and it seems clear that South African leaders are profoundly out of touch with their young people.

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